How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend 2015….MFQ

That`s right…Onyx and I spent our 2015 Labor Day Weekend at MFQ on both Saturday and Sunday, after receiving word from my buddy down there that a new blast occurred on Friday afternoon. We drove down early Saturday morning, arriving about 7:30…..sure was a pretty sunrise to greet us tho along the way….

01 Sunrise Saturday

01A Sunrise

01B Sunrise

…and we saw some deer and a wild turkey on the way down, so I knew then it was going to be a good day ahead….the fog increased as we drew closer and I knew it was going to be a hot one once the fog burned off….

03 Froggy at Quarry

…and here is the before in the fog, and after the fog burned off later in the morning, images of the pile that greeted us on our arrival….

05 Blast Pile

33 Blast Pile Coved Wall

As I was lacing up my boots for the day ahead, and one snapped, I briefly thought I sure hope this isn`t a bad sign…luckily for me, within five minutes that thought went quickly out the window like a rock was attached to it. After switching to my spare booths, I started up the right side of the pile…..

07 Right Side of Pile08 Boulders Covered by Poker Chips

and came upon these boulders about halfway up, and circled around them to the left and then back to the right, looking carefully around each side of them, picking up a few nice loose crystals all the way around them, and then came to the right side of that one that appears to be in the middle on the right side…

09 Huge Boulder Poker Chips on One Side

…and wait til you see what was on top of the boulder to the left of this one…

10 Huge Boulder Poker Chips on One Side

whooeeee…. I was in dogtooth heaven……

11 Cluster Dark Grey Poker Chips on Boulder

…I climbed back down the pile to get my hammer and chisel and another bag of wraps as well as a bottle of water…luckily for me that nice mass of dark colored crystals above chipped out of that boulder rather nicely….while you might not be able to tell here, many of them turned out to be dogtooths, too….turned out to be alot of red druse in the pockets surrounding these beauties too….

12 Pocket of Chips on Boulder

13 Pocket of Chips on Boulder

14 Dogtooth Chips on Boulder

…by 9 am, the fog was burned off and luckily for me, there was a vast area of shade remaining to work with, and stay cool inside of, since I had a lot of territory to cover ahead of me. I was only halfway up the pile and seeing poker chips laying all over the place, many of them with dogtooths sticking out the ends. I was in poker chip heaven for sure…another prayer answered….

15 Midmorning Saturday

Onyx was staying pretty close to me today…he found a bed of soft dirt about halfway down the pile in front of me, after climbing up with me and walking around the top to check things out before I got up there…he took advantage of the soft dirt and laid right down there…

16 Onyx Stretches Out in Shade

17 Onyx On the Move Again

he stayed there til the shade burned off… I got to the top of the pile, I started finding a few more chunks of crystals with the red druse prominently stamped on and around them….beautiful stuff for sure….

18 Big Chunk of Pretty Found

…I climbed down from the top into this little niche of a depression and checked the wall for pockets…not finding any, I turned around and spotted this boulder in front of me, with a small looking vug at the base, so I grabbed ahold of what looked like a loose piece at the base of that vug and pulled out and back, and a gorgeous cluster of brown dogtooth crystals came loose from the vug and boulder. Here is the boulder after I have opened up the vug some…I will post photos of the cluster a little later….

21 Huge Boulder With Deep Vug

…and some of the vug itself after I had halfway emptied it…this boulder is about five feet tall, and that vug was about 2 feet deep and every bit of fifteen inches wide….about a foot high in front…..

22 Huge Boulder Vug Closer Up

23 Deep Vug Inside Huge Boulder

…in the image below, the cluster on the right is what I pulled out first to reveal the vug….the cluster on the left was the next one waiting for me inside the vug, has a nice dogtooth sticking up on the right side there….looks like a blade sticking out….

24 Dark Gray Cluster

…it took me the better part of an hour to clean out the vug…after that I wandered back up the middle of that depression and found some breathtaking chalcedony type chunks of what looked like red and yellow druse with poker chiips embedded in them…I`m describing them after the fact of cleaning them up, but when looking at them with the dirt and dust all over them, all I could tell was that they looked like chaledony and were red and yellow colored….I found about half a dozen of them….

20 Several Chunks Of Pretty

…they were in the last bag I cleaned up, yesterday, so I will try and get some photos of them tomorrow to show you what they look like cleaned up. By this time it was approaching 11 am and getting hot…so I grabbed the bags and headed for the truck, having to make a couple of trips back up to get some of the chalcedony chunks, wrapping them in my t shirt as I was by then, out of wrapping cloths. By the time I got back down to the truck, and got Onyx inside in the ac, and those beauties wrapped up in bubble wrap, and changed into clean clothes, I was pretty done in, and had only covered a third of the pile. I decided to return and see if I could check the rest of the pile the next day. I had no other plans.

Onyx and I did the same thing the next morning, only getting an earlier start this time, this time finding an ever prettier sunrise on the way, near some old stockyards enveloped in layers of fog with the sun rising over the top….

28 Sunrise Texas Co Stockyards

then I found it evolving some and shot the sun rising up over a small barn in front of us at the the next intersection….

30 Gorgeous Sunrise on Sunday

…and catching some foggy sunrise scenes on down the road too….31 Gorgeous Sunrise Sunday32 Gorgeous Sunrise Sunday

…arriving to find the quarry enshrouded in fog once more. I climbed up to the top of the pile once again and began finding dogtooth crystals all over the place along the top of the pile, and every five to ten feet were smaller boulders with clusters of poker chips covering them…and loose ones in the dirt and loose rocks below….I didn`t take my camera up there with me this time, but I recall finding about five pockets embedded in the dirt under a few boulders. I was able to split one boulder open and found the interior of the two halves coated with sprays of brown dogtooth crystals. here are those two haves with the spray of dogtooths inside one of them…

39 Boulder Half With Spray of Dogtooths39A Boulder Half With Spray of Dogtooths

…and some more images of the chunks of red calcite druse that I found laying all over the place as well, must have come out of huge pockets when the blast occurred, they were literally laying all over the place…and in boulder vugs too….

34 Red Druse Chunks40 Chunks of Red Druse

41 Chunks of Red Druse54 Red Druse With Poker Chips

52 Red Druse Chunk45 Beautiful Druse Plate

…and then I found a boulder up there at the top that had some beautiful clusters of crystals on the top…I wasn`t sure I would be able to chip them out, they looked like they were solid but lo and behold, they came right off the top with just a few whacks on the hammer, and I was astounded….here they are all cleaned up with just a little bit of damage to the ends of them…

35 Dogtooth Cluster Chipped From Boulder

35A Dogtooth Cluster Chipped From Boulder


36 Dogtooth Cluster Chipped From Boulder

…and I found this one down in a pocket in the dirt nearby….

38 Dogtooth Cluster Chipped Out


37 Dogtooth Cluster Chipped Out

and here are some of the many nice dogtooths that I found in those dirt pockets and vugs….the nicest one being this plate that I was able to chip out of one of the boulder vugs…

75 Dogtooth Plate

75B Dogtooth Plate

75C Dogtooth Plate

46 Small Dogtooths

47 Small Dogtooths

48 Small Dogtooths

49 Small Dogtooths

50 Small Dogtooths

51 Dogtooth Chunk

51A Dogtooth Chunk

55 Small Dogtooths

56 Dogtooth Cluster

57 Dogtooth Cluster

58 Dogtooth Cluster

59 Dogtooth Cluster

60 Dogtooth Cluster

61A Red Druse With Poker Chip




62A Cluster in Red Druse

63 Dogtooth Cluster

64 Dogtooth Cluster

65 Poker Chips

66 Dogtooths

67 Dogtooth Clusters

68 Chalcedony Piece

69 Black Druse Chunk


71 Dogtooth Cluster

72 Dogtooth Cluster

73 Dogtooth Cluster

74A Small Dogtooths

76 Dogtooth Crystal

77 Dogtooth Crystal

81 Small Dogtooths

83 Dogtooth Cluster

85 Dogtooth Cluster

86 Dogtooth Cluster

87 Dogtooth

Another great day that wrapped up a great holiday weekend for me…Onyx and I packed up and headed home by 11:30 am and rested up the rest of the day. Hope everyone else had a nice holiday weekend too !!

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