Rockhunting Mid February 2011

Missy and I woke up about 11:30 am this morning and headed south to do some rock hunting at the secret location…tired of being cooped up the last few weeks due to the snow and ice. As I drove in on the main dam road, the wind was really blowing today, dirt and dust was coming across the hood of my truck for the first quarter mile in on the road pretty thick, so I decided to drive on over to the non windy side and as I made it over there, I spotted a lone poker chip on my left side and stopped to pick it up.

We started looking around both sides of the dam road, checking out the washed out areas first and found some nice plates of druse and quickly filled two bags with it. Kaye couldnt go today, was helping take a friend to the doctors office, so she had asked me to find her a nice druse plate or two.  Believe me, I was turning several over looking for some, found a few nice smaller ones  and then all of a sudden, turned one over at the base of the hill….

Turned This One Over

and ” Oila “, big beautiful bubbles on the other side !

Sand Side Discovered

Still not sure what color the bubbles really are tho…due to the heavy clay stain on them now…hopefully by tomorrow morning I will have a good idea what color they are…well while down there admiring it, I heard a new dog yapping and yelping and ran up to the truck to discover that Missy and I had a visitor….

Cute Little Guy

…what a cute little guy was sitting by my truck talking to Missy….so little I almost didnt see him even…and a bit malnourished…looked like he hadnt been fed in a while…what a time to be out there with no food. I had a spare bottle of water tho, so I pulled a bowl out of the cab and poured it in and boy did he start lapping it up…confirming my suspicions that he was very hungry…

I left him to drink some more water and wandered back down to my new discovery and lo and behold, he followed me and Missy every step of the way after that…when it came time to drive down to the lower location and check things out, he followed us back to truck and after looking into those big brown eyes of his,  I didnt have the heart to leave him there…so I put a towel down in the back seat and lifted him up and placed him on the back seat. He sniffed around my fire gear and then stretched out nice as you please across the towel. I actually was thinking of taking him home with us….then he became sick a few times in the truck and luckily I had put a thick towel down, and that took care of the mess. Strangely enough, Missy seemed fine with him, something I hadnt figured on for sure.

Cute Little Guy Followed Me All Over

On the way home shortly after, I dropped him off at the local police station and the officer told me that they had plenty of food and water for him and would keep him around for a few days in case someone came in to claim him. After that, he would be picked up by the local Humane Shelter. At least I know he is in good hands and will be taken care of til they find a good home for him. He seems like a nice little pup.