Spectacular Dogtooth Crystals and Clusters

I got bored the other day on my day off and decided to drive back down to the new spot and see what else could be found…Missy decided to tag along since it wasn`t extremely hot and we arrived about mid afternoon. In the next four hours, I discovered hundreds of spectacular dogtooth crystals and clusters in a few gooey wet clay pockets, which started going deep on me fast,  and as I dug down into the wet clay even deeper, I discovered some blue and brown colored ones underneath a bed of bright yellow and orange ones !!!  I was blown away…I wrapped them up double in the terry cloths I had and filled five bags completely full !!!  I was so happy with them that I headed home with an hour of daylight left. I started working on cleaning them up this afternoon, some of them are double terminated, and there are some twin dogtooth crystals in this batch as well, one of them was about six inches tall and had the brightest yellow center I have ever seen on a dogtooth……

10 A Very Large Bright Yellow Dogtooth

Here are the crystals and dogtooths I found, now all cleaned up….

15 Bright Large Yellow Cleaned Up


17 Dogtooth Attached to Druse


19 Dogtooth Cluster


20 Dogtooth Crystals


21 Dogtooth Twin


23 Unique Dogtooth Found


24 Unique Dogtooth Found


25 More Crystals


28 Middle Rear


29 Left Side


30 Right Side Front

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