Mineral & Crystal Acquires in November 2019

I answered an ad for a mineral collection for sale near Carbondale, Illinois, which resulted in a trip to Illinois to check it out on November 3rd…just a few days before my Fall Trip to Arkansas. I had talked to Jason a few times on the phone and he was in the process of selling some of his huge collection, but invited me over to see some of what he had for sale, so I did. Needless to say, he was re-arranging much of it and only had maybe half of what he wanted to sell, on display, but I was not disappointed in what I saw. Gorgeous stuff for sure. We talked for a bit and I told him what I had in my collection and he decided he wanted to make a trip down to see my collection as well. While there, I purchased half a dozen beautiful selenite specimens from the country of Australia…they looked like flowers, they were so beautiful !!  See for yourself….

VERY delicate stuff, let me tell ya. can`t wrap this stuff enough !! 

Spineless Spinels

A friend of mine who sells Viburnum Trend Minerals, sent me a text the first week of October, while I was still in Geode Fest Recovery mode…to let me know he had a couple of new collections for sale…one was a huge assortment of calcites, plates of chalcopyrite, and galena clusters, small and large, that covered four tables. The second collection consisted of thin bars of galena, what he called Spineless Spinels…yeah…say that ten times in a row without any mistakes…I triple dog dare ya…that means you have to do it, no questions asked…I can`t do it, so you have to. 🙂 

I had a few friends interested once I put the word out, so I drove down to photograph what he had and sent these photos out…he had a few inquiries and sold about three of the Spineless Spinels…and I had a few folks interested, but after a few weeks no one had made any major purchases, so he started selling a few here and there, and yes, after about six weeks, I purchased a few myself. 🙂  Here is the first collection spread out over four tables, beginning with the first table, covered by a red tablecloth….

Start of 2nd table, which is a polka dot brown on white….

start of the third table below, solid white colored table….

…and this is the fourth table, also white in color, sits across the aisle from the first table, red tablecloth….

…and these large pieces in the floor are part of this collection….

…as well as this huge piece that measures about 18 to 24 inches long and includes phantom crystals with chalcopyrites…

and then here is the Spineless Spinel Collection….

If you are interested in either collection and need more info, give me a shout at jwjphoto7@gmail.com 🙂